Kama Sutra's - Three Secret Positions for Maximum Pleasure

  • by  Sacha Tarkovsky

Most people think the Kama Sutra is just an ancient Indian sex which is partly true and we have covered these areas in other articles. Here however we will look at what the book is famed for the best Kama Sutra sex positions.

Written thousands of years ago, the advice is still strangely appropriate in many ways to today's society and the sex positions below have never gone out of date.. There are many sexual positions described in the chapter covering the sexual union between couples, but there are three positions which were emphasized and noted as being better than all the others. These are known as the three secret positions.


Secret Position 1 - The Conch Shell and Crab

The woman is lying down on her back. The man raises her legs with her knees at 90 degrees to her upper body, and with her knees parted; the man will hook her feet over his thighs.

The man is on his knees, with his legs spread far apart (for stability) and he enters the woman in this way, his track in perpendicular to the floor. The man's hands will rest on the woman's breasts, fondling them, while he rocks her (no thrusting), causing an intense stimulation of her clitoris. The position will drive the woman wild with pleasure, and fill her with love. The man finds this position intensely satisfying and soon arrives to an explosive orgasm and ejaculation.


Secret Position 2 - Man Vanquished

The man will sit using his arms to hold his body up, with his legs spread apart. He is totally passive, and the entire active roll is for the woman. She mounts him sitting thus, putting her legs over his, and supporting herself by resting her hands on his shoulders. The woman has three basic movements, the Samdamsha or the 'Tongs', the Bhramara or the Bee, and Prenkholita or the Swing.

  • The tongs has the woman grasping the man's penis in her vagina and not letting go. This requires a great deal of internal control from the woman.
  • The bee has the woman swiveling her hips and encircling the man's penis in a round movement.
  • The swing has the woman swaying on the man's body, as if she were on a see-saw.

Usually the woman will employ all three movements until her great moment comes for an orgasm of seismic capacity.


Secret Position 3 - Inverted Love

The man lies on his back, and the woman, mounts him, but with her head pointed towards his feet. She is in a crawling position, on all fours, but penetrated by the man. She rocks back and forth, and the man assists by powerful counter-thrusting as she eases back down on him.

This position stimulates a woman's clitoris and g-spot with the woman guiding the movement to achieve maximum stimulation. A simultaneous orgasm for the couple is assured, and one in which both finds love for the other. The man also has a very stimulating view of the action and his own excitement is raised to new level of pleasure.


Here we have focused on the sex positions but there is much more to the Kama Sutra and any man should read this book. It is a guide for a man's life, from his adolescence till old age, of which sex is only one element, so read more about the Kama Sutra and you can enhance your whole life not just your sex life.


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