There are photos that are really works of art, others that have great historical value, photographs that make people cry or laugh and pictures that overturned governments.

Sun Tzu was a Chinese military strategist and General who authored The Art of War, an ancient treatise on military strategy, which was written about 2,500 years back.

Five of Kazantzakis's major works have been translated in England, and even more in America, and yet his name remains almost totally unknown to the majority of readers.

Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Mystery based movies have always been, and always will be,loved by movie fans. A good Hollywood mystery with a solid story line, a healthy dose of suspense, and an often violent portrayal of crime is almost guaranteed to provide the viewer with a heaping portion of thrills and chills.

Perhaps no TV show has been able to transcend so many cultures like 'Friends' while maintaining all of its archetypal American qualities at the same time.

Maria Anna Mozart, beloved nicknamed Nannerl, was the elder and only sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. As children, both were considered gifted musical prodigies and their father, Leopold, arranged tours to display their talents to the masses in the grandest capitals of Europe.