The ancient Greeks had a rich culture and many aspects of it were determined by their beliefs in the gods and some of the myths surrounding them.

Skepticism, by the general philosophical definition, is the point of view that confronts every philoso­phi­cal thesis

In Philip Wogaman's "Christian Ethics: A historical Introduction", the influence of ancient philosophical traditions is evident. To what extent have these traditions influenced early Christian thought?

The History of Yoga has a lot to do with the present times. The earliest Yoga started some 5000 years ago since human civilization has begun. The scholars have believed that Yoga was originated out of Stone Age Shamanism.

From a historical perspective, 'The DaVinci Code' is good fiction ... I do think the book has provided a very real cultural benefit, though.

Recently when someone asked me what religion I am I was perplexed. To be a religion means you hold a particular doctrine. I thought about it all day and could not come up with any doctrine that I hold as a religion.

Scientifically speaking, how does it transform our lives? Why is it so difficult to exercise and understand? How does it physically apply to human life? Why do we all constantly crave it?