Last years the degradable materials and products in general, become more popular as the need of the universal market for green products growing continuously. 

Anyone who has played in the ocean surf or experienced the current of a river, felt the tug of outgoing or incoming surf, recognizes that there is energy contained in moving bodies of water.

There is no question that alternative fuel sources must be found if we are going to reduce our dependence on oil, lower transportation costs, and stop damaging the environment.

It has long been known that greenhouse gases contribute to global warming. In 1827, Jean-Baptiste Fourier suggested that greenhouse gases kept the earth warmer,

Dealing with waste management has become an issue of major importance. Some things, like landfills, are becoming increasingly full. This creates a situation in which we are forced to find new ways to dispose of waste.

You may feel healthy.... but you're sitting in front of a big toxic timebomb when you compute. Your computer contains many of the most dangerous chemicals on earth, and they are building up at a location near you!