e-telescope.gr came on-line on July 2001, as an amateur web-magazine and remains so since then. Its main concept and mission is to present issues with as much objectivity as possible and place controversial subjects under the maximum posible scrutinity.

e-telescope.gr does not aspire to provide information regarding the breaking news. Hunting and presenting the news has never been in our pursuit, and others have the ability and the means to do it much better. What we are trying to do is to present texts of reflection, views and positions, from all sides and perspectives.

Beyond the events of the day, the average citizen wants and must be able to receive detailed, comprehensive and documented information about a series of small or large, important or insignificant issues. The biggest advantage of media on the Internet is the ability they can offer the reader to see behind the news behind the subject. To chase the news through links and reports as long as he wants, seeing small details and different aspects of the subject.The texts you find do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher and the editorial team.

At the same time, a basic part of the subject matter is the research and the most analytical and documented presentation of international issues, historical themes and stories that move somewhere between myth and reality, or the cinematic scenario and harsh routine.

e-telescope.gr has succeeded in having a continuous presence on the Greek and worldwide internet since 2001 (since 2003 in English language) making it one of the oldest Greek sites that are still present, having achieved recognition by professionals of the kind, both in the Internet and in the field of printed and electronic journalism. But the biggest reward is the average (2001-2019) of 12,484 visitors per month who devote a little of their time to wandering through e-telescope.gr's pages.

We thank you all.


Konstantinos Delimpasis

Editor, Publisher e-telescope online magazine

28 Mandilara Str. 41222 Larissa, GREECE

tel +30 2410 611706 fax +30 2410 671810