One of the most impressive things found in this period was the Astrolabe of Antikithyra. Some sponge collectors found it in 1901 near the Antikithyra island.

The Mayan concept of time recording and their calendar is unique compared to those of other people of their area or their time.

Who said that the robots, the automatic doors and the locomotive are technological advances of the second millennium? Definitely not!

According to some researchers, a number of pyramid-like structures were found under the sea near the island of Okinawa. The structures are found at a depth of  20-30m and are dated back to 8.000 BC.

According to surviving ancient texts, the city of Herakleion, once sitting at the area of the Nile delta and later disappeared undersea, used to be the main port entrance to Egypt before Alexandria was founded in the year 331 BC.