Recently when someone asked me what religion I am I was perplexed. To be a religion means you hold a particular doctrine. I thought about it all day and could not come up with any doctrine that I hold as a religion.

The only religious doctrine I might hold is that If it exists than God created it and I believe in it. I believe in God because as I look at life I see duality in all things, male and female. I see cycles and things that work and operate together. I feel if life was not created by a high intelligence than the things that exist would be chaotic. mutated and not able to work together.

Because I do not affiliate with a religion does not mean that I am not spiritual. I am constantly going inward and do not rely on others answers, beliefs, opinions and remedys. I seek what is right for me.

What is spirituality to me ? As the mind moves away from the connections and chaos of everyday life (towards the silence within), the senses utilize higher mental and spiritual faculties able to provide a more direct perception of the universal knowledge base of illuminations, intuitions and revelations. By moving deeper within this silence of our consciousness (away from our feelings, emotions, judgments and prejudices), we enter into a realm of pure rational thought where integral knowledge and understanding are abundant.

I find that when we hold a doctrine it separates us not only from each other but from God and ourselves. It puts limits on us and traps us in dogma. Through these limits we stagnate because of tunnel vision. Since God's truth is too much for us to fathom ( grasp ) at one time and must be learned line upon line and precept upon precept, by shutting out other truths we begin to die spiritually. How could anyone think they know and hold all the truth of God ? This is in fact what a religious doctrine is telling ourselves and others, that we have nothing more to learn or to accomplish. We than begin to judge those who do not hold our particular doctrine as anti God.

The discovery of deeper truths are attainable when we overcome our ego and separateness. Silence within enables knowledge, clear thinking, insight, and ultimately the whole truth we are seeking. When we dwell within the silence we experience how we are one with the whole of cosmic consciousness.


Some Simple Spiritual Truths And Suggestions:

- Every human being has a purpose.

- Human beings are spiritual by nature.

- You accomplish nothing by comparing yourself to others.

-  No human being is without intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge.

-  Every human being is the sum of their experiences, and every effect is the sum of its causes.

-  The worth of the human species is subject to its complementary relationship with all other life.

-  Much of what is believed in religion is based on ideas of humans promoting self-serving agendas.

- There is always conflict between those who are enlightened and those who focus on superficial, material pursuits.

- In order for life to have meaning, knowledge of the Light (supreme universal intelligence) must exist.

- You are the ultimate decision maker of what is meaningful to your mind.

- Once you experience truth for yourself, you are never the same again.

- Human beings cannot exist without affecting those they encounter.

- Realization and transformation are deeper than belief or faith.

- There are always signposts when you are on the right path.

- You alone are responsible for your actions.

- Life is meaningless without Light.

- Spirituality is not religion.

- Life is a reflection of oneself without ego.

- The divine nature of a human being has to be discovered inside oneself.

- Grasp only from society that which is rational and reasonable.

- Spiritual progress and peace only come from within oneself.

-  Genius is formed by efforts of original thinking, endeavoring to form new views or truths, rather than by dwelling in the ideas of others.

source:, Deborah Sexton, Copyright Deborah Sexton2005