Honest Answers From Women About Sex

  • by  Julian Sagan

Questions like these are usually never asked, but they are always on the brink of escaping men’s lips. Maybe it’s time to just let them escape so that there are no secrets when it comes to the question of sex. Why do women like to lure men in and then push us away? Don’t be so presumptuous. If a woman looks a man in the eye for longer than one second, he automatically assumes that she is trying to make a move on him. And then he wonders when he faces a rejection.

Men often interpret the signals from women wrong. When a woman wants to just make an acquaintance, a man usually already sees a sexual context in it. If a woman consciously acts like this on purpose, then she either has psychological issues or she is convinced of her own irresistibility, which passes with age, just like most of other youth games.

Why do women simulate an orgasm? Women do this pretty often. Usually when it’s a random sexual relationship. Although women fake an orgasm more often during their youth. The reason for faking it is the belief that getting easily turned on is part of an image of an excellent lover. Each woman would love to be one or at least seem like one. So who would admit to being so self-conscious and insecure in bed that in spite of all the extravagant and acrobatic moves of the partner you are not able to reach the peak of pleasure. The second reason is the fact that the man can be so passionate and tender that a woman simply doesn’t want to disappoint him. And sometimes she just wants to get done as soon as possible. For women orgasm is not a mandatory constituent of a night of pleasure, and that’s too bad that the majority of men think otherwise.

Do you really like to have sex with a condom? To be completely honest, it is not so pleasant psychologically. Sometimes women worry what if it slips or rips? And as far as sensation, women don’t put much significance into whether a man uses a condom or not, they just don’t feel it. It’s a pity that there is no other alternative to AIDS protection at this time.

Do you think men get disappointed if they don’t reach an orgasm? Yes, otherwise the men’s fear of sexual misfiring wouldn’t be so widespread. From a man’s perspective, the success of sex is in reaching an orgasm. It would be irritating to a woman as well if a man she is sleeping with wouldn’t experience the highest peak of pleasure. What if he is not into her?

Do women get jealous if a man masturbates? If the relationship is good then no. Self-satisfaction is also the display of sexuality, even if a man has a partner. Sometimes women even get aroused watching the man at this moment. If the relationship is not so good and the partner completely distances himself then a woman feels jealousy, uncertainty and discomfort.

What do you think about when you have sex? If it’s bad sex – when is it going to be over! If it’s good sex, then about nothing other than what’s going on right here and right now.

Why do power and money have such an erotic effect on women? It sounds like a reproach. Do men want to hear that we value the person’s soul most of all? Well, of course women are not going to faint at the sight of a fat wallet or impressive business card, but what can you do? It is better to be rich and powerful than poor and defenseless. Men are more erotic if they are independent, have an interesting line of work and can talk about it. If in addition they have power and make good money, then perhaps any woman would not turn down a trip to Madrid over the weekend or an expensive present for her birthday.

These are the questions men have always been dying to know the answers to. We hope this information will help you understand women better and make your sex life unforgettable.

Julian Sagan is the CEO and owner of a Penis Enlargement Products company. Dedicated to providing factual information about various penis enlargement methods available on the market today. Copyright 2007 Julian Sagan of Penis Enlargement Products. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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