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670 lost victoriesOriginally published in Germany in 1955, and in England and the United States in 1958, this classic memoir of WWII by a man who was an acknowledged military genius and probably Germany's top WWII general, is now made available again. Field Marshal Erich von Manstein described his book as a personal narrative of a soldier, discussing only those matters that had direct bearing on events in the military field.

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687 end cold warSoviet efforts to end the Cold War were intended to help revitalize the USSR. Instead, Nick Bisley argues, they contributed crucially to its collapse.

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665 alexanderIn his brief and meteoric life (356-323 B.C.), the greatest of all conquerors redirected the course of world history. Here, General J. F. C. Fuller, one of the premier military historians of the twentieth century, vividly portrays the astonishing successes of Alexander the Great, focusing on his brilliant battle strategies and his political savvy.

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778 engineering ancient greeceThe ancient Greeks had made a remarkable advancement, in the field of Engineering and Technology. Their achievements, from 3000 BC until 1100 AD, leave us speechless and confirm that the modern technology does not owe its existence only to the industrial revolution. The ancient Greeks have put the founding stones here too.

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780 engineering ancient worldIn his classic book, J. G. Landels describes the technological advances of the Greeks and Romans with erudition and enthusiasm. He provides an important introduction to engineering, writing about power and energy sources, water engineering, cranes, and transportation devises. From aqueducts to catapults, he attempts to envision machines as they may have worked in the ancient world. He then traces the path of knowledge taken by early thinkers--including Plato, Pliny, and Archimedes--in developing early theories of engineering and physics.

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746 hitler hessOn the night of May 10, 1941, a Messerschmitt-110 crash-landed on a remote Scottish hillside. Its pilot was Rudolf Hess, the Deputy-F├╝hrer of the German Reich. Hess' remarkable solo flight was immediately dismissed in both Britain and Germany as the act of a deranged mind. He was disowned by Hitler, and Churchill's government insisted that his unexpected arrival on British soil was of no lasting consequence.

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686 battlefields cold war'Memoirs are worthless if their authors attempt to present themselves as angels. I resolutely oppose those of my countrymen who shift responsibility for Soviet evils exclusively to the leaders. It is important that each Soviet citizen realize and admit his or her share of the responsibility.' --from On the Battlefields of the Cold War.

The fall of Berlin 1945

by  Antony Beevor
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685 fall berlinThe Red Army's invasion of Berlin in January 1945 was one of the most terrifying examples of fire and sword in history. Frenzied by terrible memories of Wehrmacht and SS brutality, the Russians wreaked havoc, leaving hundreds of thousands of civilians dead and millions more fleeing westward. 

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781 historiesThe Histories of Herodotus is considered one of the seminal works of history in Western literature. Written from the 450s to the 420s BC in the Ionic dialect of classical Greek, The Histories serves as a record of the ancient traditions, politics, geography, and clashes of various cultures that were known around the Mediterranean and Western Asia at that time. It is not an impartial record but it remains one of the West's most important sources regarding these affairs. Moreover, it established without precedent the genre and study of history in the Western world, although historical records and chronicles existed beforehand.

Crazy Ivan: A True Story of Submarine Espionage

by  W. Craig Reed, William Reed
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689 crazy ivanNo other U.S. Navy Diver, photographer or spy has taken pictures of any Soviet submarine from as close proximity as did W. Craig Reed of the Soviet Victor III that almost ended his life. CRAZY IVAN chronicles this true story and reveals intimate details about near-death underwater espionage missions once classified at the highest levels of Top Secret...


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