Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

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733 solid waste managementThe arbitrary exploitation of natural resources and ignorance of the deleterious effects have resulted in the alarming increase of environmental pollution alongside the urbanization, industrialization and changing agricultural practices. Contrary to popular belief, the environmental pollution particularly in the developing countries like India, is not as much caused by industrial emissions or nuclear wastes as is caused by day-to-day living of human beings because industrial pollution is concentrated in certain towns and cities and can be ordered to close but no such measure can be taken for the sudden prohibition of human-derived pollution occurring at all places.

The resulting solid waste, sewage and night soil pose the most daunting and widespread of all environmental problems. The disposal of the incessant piling of such waste requires proper Solid and Hazardous Waste Management. The present book provides a broad overview of environmental issues and impacts; latest trends and technologies in hazardous waste treatment; site assessment; landfilling, storage, handling, transportation and disposal of solid wastes; waste minimization and medical/biomedical and infectious waste management. In addition, it explores waste site remediation and clean-up technologies, and new and continuing regulatory and policy statutes.

The book has been skillfully designed and well supplemented with diagrams, figures, glossary and index so as to make it self-contained and comprehensible. It covers the syllabus prescribed by various Indian universities for this subject for both graduate and undergraduate courses of engineering, life sciences, environment and allied courses. Besides the students and teachers of the subject, the book will prove a lasting and invaluable reference source to the general readers, industrialists, planners and environmental authorities.


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    • Author: S.C. Bhatia
    • ISBN-13: 978-8126908141
    • Published on: 2007-07-06
    • Originally published on: 2007-07-06
    • Original language: English
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • 552 pages
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