Usually the laws of each country are an indication of the cultural level and the living standards of that country.

Additionally, historical research of laws can give very important details concerning the problems that the society had to address. There are also many cases that laws concerning situations that no longer exist, are still valid. And finally there are cases when the letter of some laws is somewhere between a practical joke and absolute stupidity.

Here is a collection of laws and provisions from various parts of world, that may make you laugh, or even remind you of days long forgotten. The order of presentation is accidental. The country, the type of law (national, state, or municipal) and the area and scope of application are reported. 

USA, California, Chico (municipal law) : The detonation of a nuclear arm inside the Municipal border is punished with a $500 fine.

USA , California, Downey (municipal law) : It is illegal to wash your car in the street (voted in 1995).

USA , California, Hollywood (municipal law) : The passage of more than 2.000 sheep per flock from the Hollywood Boulevard is illegal.

USA , California, Los Angeles (municipal law) : It is prohibited for the dogs to mate in a distance smaller than 500 metres from churches. The offenders are punished with a $500 fine and/or imprisonment for 6 months.

USA , California, Palm Springs (municipal law) : The passage of camels from the Palm Canyon Drive between 16.00 and 18.00 is prohibited.

USA, Arkansas (constitutional law): ARMING man has the right to beat his spouse, no however more from one time of month.

USA , Colorado, Alamosa (municipal law) : The launch of rockets at cars is outlaw.

USA , Colorado, Logan County (municipal law) : He is outlaw the kiss in a woman while she sleeps.

USA, Florida (state law): The release of gases from the anus, in public space, is prohibited after 18.00 each Thursday.

USA , Florida, Pensacola (municipal law) : The citizens are not allowed to circulate in the centre of the city with less than $10 in their pocket.

USA , Massachusetts (state law): Snoring is allowed only if all the bedroom windows are closed and locked.

USA , Massachusetts (state law): It is illegal to carry gorillas in the back seat of your car.

USA , New York (state law): The sentence for whoever jumps from a building is death.

USA , New York (sate law): When using an elevator the hands have to be folded in front and facing the door.

USA , Texas, Texarkana (municipal law) : Horses owners are not allowed to ride at night, if the horses do not have rear end lights.

Switzerland, (national law) : Citizens are not allowed to flush the toilet after 22.00.

Denmark, (national law) : It is not allowed for the drivers of cars to start their vehicles while somebody is under them.

Denmark, (national law) : When a car is moving there must be someone preceding it, bearing a flag, in order to announce to horse-driven vehicles that a mechanically-driven vehicle is coming.

France, (national law) : It is not allowed to name pigs after Napoleon.

France, Le Lavandou , (municipal law) : It is prohibited for somebody to die if it has not foreseen for his place of burial.

England, (national law) : The affixing of stamps that brings the king or the king, upside-down, is considered high treason.

England, York, (municipal law): Excluding Sundays, the murder of Scotchmen with the use of a bow, is absolutely legal.


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