To each European citizen, personally (A letter in a bottle)

  • by  Vassilis Mihos

I am a simple citizen, this is why, when writing these lines, I ignore whether this text will reach my other co-citizens in Europe. It is a letter in a bottle.

I have the strong feeling that during the last twenty years European Union is loosing its European character, based on human political and social rights, culture and prosperity. More than that, Europe is loosing its stable position that ‘the parliamentarian state’ is the supreme achievement in peoples struggle for equality, dignity and personal liberty, mainly in the continuous struggle between increasing power and peoples rights, the very reason for which politics were invented in the past.

Where are we leaded to? Back to the dawn of twentieth century, when the economic liberalism caused two world massacres or, even worst, in the deep darkness of previous ages when the feudalism was established as a consequence of sovereigns’ mismanagement?

Perhaps you think that I’m going too far. I’m not. Simply, it seems that everyone has forgotten History and its real interpretation. The periods of declining are never taught sufficiently, although they have to be viewed as the more useful for the collective experience.   

The fact that the ‘state’, especially the ‘social state’, presented serious deformations cannot be the excuse for its elimination. Society has to protect the idea of its ‘social state’, uncovering and fighting against all the phenomena which produced the said deformations. The mandarin-like bureaucracy, the shortsighted political stuff and  citizens content in their prosperity, created a situation where the robbery of public wealth, the deconstruction of cultural and social achievements and the nightmarish emergence of poverty are committed under the name of privatization –and unfortunately, if not with the applause at least with people’s consensus.

Is this situation our European point of view? It is not. Although, the practices which leaded the ‘social state’ to corruption and inefficiency and also the new cruel political aspects which are viewed as the therapy to the decline of ‘social state’, are shaped in the appeal of the stable ‘European values’. But finally, who is that European individual who can stand the fact that two or three private firms, baptized as ‘the markets’, got the ‘right’ to attack and devastate any state of the world they choose to? On this fact, where are the European values? Where is the European reaction?

We have to wake up. We have to fight for our dignity, for our future, for our children’s world. This fight has to be a fight of ‘public’ against ‘private’, of ‘civil rights’ against ‘power’, a fight against ignorance, indifference, introversion.


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