Stronger evidence in courtrooms—it’s what every attorney, defendant, and plaintiff dreams of. Beginning in the last 1980s, this is exactly what began to surface through DNA profiling.

Televisions previous to the Plasma TV explosion used the (CRT) cathode ray tube to give users the ability to watch television. CRT televisions works by shooting out a beam of negative charged particles called electrons into a large glass tube.

Tsunami - a seismic sea wave - means in Japanese "harbor-wave". It is also misleadingly called "tidal wave". It is an ocean wave caused by an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on the Richter scale (or greater) that occurs less than 50 kilometers beneath the seafloor.

Astrologers claim they can tell your character, abilities, health, love life, and much more, just from your horoscope or birth chart. It seems amazing.

An issue that has entered the mainstream media in a lot of countries (noticeably not really in the US) is Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetic Modification (GM) of food.

The use of natural, chemical and pharmaceutical substances, even drugs, for the improvement of soldiers’ stamina and performance has been a well known practice throughout the years.

Shape Memory Alloys are materials that can expand or contract according to temperature variations and then return to their previous form.

Everyday we are watching on the news how people are using the benefits of science and technology. Electronic, chemical and biological warfare, smart weapons, eyes and ears that watch everything and a pile other applications that frighten the average citizen.