e-telescope.gr and its owner and administrator K. Delimpasis, attribute the necessasy importance to the processing, security and protection of the personal data of the visitors of the website e- telescope.gr, according to the Greek and EU legislation.


Definition of Personal Data

Personal data is defined as a set of information, in paper or digital form, which may itself or in combination with other data lead to the identification of an individual. Indicatively, but not exclusively, they include: name, Tax ID, Identity Card Number, Marital Status, social security number, physical and electronic mailing addresses, fixed and mobile phones, history of logs, cookies, and any other information unique identification of a natural person in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (CPC 2016/679), the applicable Greek legislation and the decisions of the Data Protection Authority.


What personal data do we collect and how?

It is especially important to note that for the use/reading of e-telescope.gr no registration, password or the provision of any information by the visitor is required.

Personal data may come in our possession:

a) When a visitor sends an e-mail message via the relevant communication tab. By using this tab and completing its fields, the user expressly states that he voluntarily provides the information contained in these fields and gives e-telescope.gr the right to process and use them in order to respond to his message / request.

b) Using cookies


What are cookies?

Cookies are small data collection and analysis files that help measure traffic, increase browsing speed, and generally improve the operation, user-experience, and overall appearance of the web site. e-telescope.gr also uses cookies from collaborating third parties (such as social media, search engines) that aim to improve the overall quality and user-experience. Cookies have a specific "live" lifetime that is 30 days for e-telescope.gr.

During the first visit to e-telescope.gr, the user is given the option of accepting or not the use cookies, with the possibility of changing the original decision at any time. The blocking option completely covers the cookies of e-telescope.gr, but may not affect cookies from third parties. If the user wants to remove third-party cookies (e.g., Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the appropriate actions offered by each third-party website should be made.

It is also possible to make appropriate settings in the browser used to exclude cookies completely, or to be able to confirm on a case-by-case basis. It should be noted that full blocking or limiting the use of cookies may limit the speed and range of options available while browsing the internet.


Management & Security of Personal Data

Personal data that is in our possession throughthe legal paths described above are used solely for the reason that they were voluntarily handed over by the user.

All feasible and appropriate protection measures are used to protect and safeguard them.

No transfers of personal data to third parties are made unless required by government authorities.

Personal data files are retained for as long as necessary to process the user's request / communication for which they were filed from the outset.


Links to third-party sites

This website includes links to other web pages. These links exist for information and the convenience of the user. The existence of links does not constitute a guarantee or confirmation of the privacy policy and practices of these web sites and we bear no responsibility for any incomplete practices and omissions. The user should be informed of the privacy policy of each webpage from the corresponding text available to it.


This Privacy Policy has been compiled, approved and published on June 8, 2019, and is subject to periodic improvement and review whenever deemed appropriate.