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In this series of articles on best sexual positions, we cover a whole range of situations and conditions concerning intercourse and deal with the best sexual position to delay a man's ejaculation. Below you will find the perfect position for the man who finishes too quickly.

Most people think the Kama Sutra is just an ancient Indian sex which is partly true and we have covered these areas in other articles. Here however we will look at what the book is famed for the best Kama Sutra sex positions.

Sometimes sexual fantasies about someone other than our partner catch up to us in bed. Sometimes it is another woman, several people, someone you know, or something else that is definitely unacceptable for a decent woman... What does that mean and is it time to go see a psychiatrist?! Here is some information from sexologists that should calm you down.

Questions like these are usually never asked, but they are always on the brink of escaping men’s lips. Maybe it’s time to just let them escape so that there are no secrets when it comes to the question of sex. Why do women like to lure men in and then push us away? Don’t be so presumptuous. If a woman looks a man in the eye for longer than one second, he automatically assumes that she is trying to make a move on him. And then he wonders when he faces a rejection.

Foreplay is a must in sex. This prepares the bodies to enjoy sexual nuances and give each partner the much needed warm up time to get into the mood. So try them out in a sequence.

In the Best Sexual Positions series we cover the ideal sexual positions for all circumstances and situations. In this article we discuss the best sexual position for sex out of the bedroom.


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