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The UFO phenomenon, shrouded in mystery throughout the modern era of American science — and still today — has received mixed treatments from historians of science. The spectrum among objective historians to write on the subject has generally been characterized on one side by the view that UFOs may constitute an anomalous phenomenon — a position that suggests the possibility of the extraterrestrial hypothesis of UFOs, which seeks to explain UFOs as extraterrestrial crafts — and on the other side by the contention that all UFO cases can be explained prosaically in terms of conventional science.

The application of scientific methods to examine the evidences gathered in order to solve queries, thereby helping the legal system to acknowledge the truth is known as forensic science. These evidences may range from fingerprints to blood samples or from a memory card to a hard disk. The word 'forensic' was derived from the Latin word 'forensis' meaning 'before the forum'.

It all began, as usual, with the Greeks. The ancient Greeks were the first civilized people to use their reason to think systematically about the world around them. The Greeks were the first philosophers (philosophia — lovers of wisdom), the first people to think deeply and to figure out how to attain and verify knowledge about the world. 

In our discussions about UFOs and in browsing the web, IUFOS encounters, again and again, the same fallacious lines of reasoning being used to justify a belief that aliens are visiting the Earth. In this column I will discuss the errors in these arguments. Read More

Everyday we are watching on the news how people are using the benefits of science and technology. Electronic, chemical and biological warfare, smart weapons, eyes and ears that watch everything and a pile other applications that frighten the average citizen.


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