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Exoplanets are planets that are found outside our solar system and thus may be called extrasolar planets. Thousands have been discovered and millions more will be detected in the future owing to our vast universe and our constantly improving detection technology and techniques.

Can we find any trace of extraterrestrial life? And, if we do happen to discover another civilization, can we communicate with them? Every year, millions of small meteorites fall onto the Earth. Might there were some tiny alien life hitching a ride aboard the meteorite?But Earth isn't the only planet in the Solar System.

The planet Vulcan? Hey, wasn't that just a made-up planet Gene Roddenberry created for Star Trek? Not at all, gentle reader. For a period of many years in the late nineteenth century, some, if not all, of the world's astronomer's believed in the existence of a planet Vulcan that orbited the Sun inside the orbit of Mercury.

New information about what is inside Mars shows the Red Planet has a molten liquid-iron core, confirming the interior of the planet has some similarity to Earth and Venus. Read More

Mercury is, next to Pluto, the second smallest planet in our solar system and the one closest to the sun. Due to its proximity to the sun it has the smallest “year” (time required for a full orbit around the sun), equal to 0,24 of an earth year. One of the interesting facts about Mercury is that in its equator areas and during the “day” temperature rises up to 800801 degrees F, while in other places it drops down to -279 degrees F. Read More


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