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Despite the technological and scientific progress, our world is still full of phenomena, stories and sites that raise questions and/or are difficult or impossible to explain rationally. Human nature is attracted to mystery and strange and often creates long lasting myths that survive scientific explanations.

The 1990s were a high-water mark for public interest in UFOs and alien abduction. Shows like “The X-Files” and Fox’s “alien autopsy” hoax were prime-time events, while MIT even hosted an academic conference on the abduction phenomenon. But in the first decade of the 21st century, interest in UFOs began to wane. Fewer sightings were reported, and established amateur research groups like the British Flying Saucer Bureau disbanded.

The latest inter-stellar imagery showcases a number of Earth sized planets throughout the galaxy. Recently scientists have discovered an Earth-like exo-planet named “Proxima b” orbiting the star “Proxima Centauri” in one of our nearest neighboring solar systems. Proxima b is in the “Goldilocks zone,” similar to Earth’s relative distance from the Sun, which facilitates moderate temperature. This raises the possibility that liquid water could exist on Proxima b’s surface, and water raises the potential for finding life in that planet.

Exoplanets are planets that are found outside our solar system and thus may be called extrasolar planets. Thousands have been discovered and millions more will be detected in the future owing to our vast universe and our constantly improving detection technology and techniques.

Can we find any trace of extraterrestrial life? And, if we do happen to discover another civilization, can we communicate with them? Every year, millions of small meteorites fall onto the Earth. Might there were some tiny alien life hitching a ride aboard the meteorite?But Earth isn't the only planet in the Solar System.

In our discussions about UFOs and in browsing the web, IUFOS encounters, again and again, the same fallacious lines of reasoning being used to justify a belief that aliens are visiting the Earth. In this column I will discuss the errors in these arguments. Read More

Strange as it may seem, the existence of life on the moon is common knowledge since the 19 century. On August 1835 the news were in the American newspapers and created a real sense. For at least 15 days the people of New York were reading the sensational revelations made by the New York Sun. The newspaper presented in series the results of incredible observations. Read More


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