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Most pictures of galaxies that you see, such as the beautiful images from the Hubble Space Telescope, are optical images. These are made using telescopes which detect light in the same wavelength range that our eyes see. However, scientists can design telescopes which use different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as shorter-wavelength ultraviolet light or longer-wavelength infrared and radio emission.

Exoplanets are planets that are found outside our solar system and thus may be called extrasolar planets. Thousands have been discovered and millions more will be detected in the future owing to our vast universe and our constantly improving detection technology and techniques.

First off, the general word astronomy is the study of outer space and everything in it to the last detail. In order to study all that mass it has to be broken down into separate categories. These are just a few types of space astronomy. Some of the different types include planetary, solar, stellar, and galactic. Understanding the different types of astronomy might give you a basic knowledge of how things are broken down in the universe.

You don't need a telescope to see a lot of wonderful things in the night sky. For example five of the planets are often readily visible with the naked eye. There are lots of amazing things you can see and this guide will help you find them.

New information about what is inside Mars shows the Red Planet has a molten liquid-iron core, confirming the interior of the planet has some similarity to Earth and Venus. Read More


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